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External nasal splint for rhinoplasty with side flaps. Painted self-adhesive aluminum nose splints with antidecubit element

  • Unique design with flaps
  • Adjustable nasal profile
  • Regulation of pressure on L/R side
  • Patented product

Audiosplint external nasal splints have a unique patented design: side flaps allow to bend the splint adjusting the angles of the profile and allowing to regulate the pressure left or right side to avoid the tendency of the nasal septum to come back in the pre-surgery position.

Package of 10x aluminium Audiosplint plus 10x Antidecubit soft element.

Code Description
R 19.04 S-P Small
R 19.05 M-P Medium
R 19.06 L-P Large

Audiosplit Documentation


Nasal splint with flaps
(mp4; 11 min, 52 MB)

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