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Universal length

Universal length disposable suction tubes

This unique patented suction concept enables the surgeon to lengthen and shorten the suction tube at any time during the procedure. The length of the tube can be altered due to the ergonomic reusable handpiece. Once the desired lenght has been set the tube can be fixed with the screw.  The handpieces have a a conical connection. The disposable tubes are made of inox steel and can be bent as much as needed. Both the tubes and handpieces are available in diameters of 2,5 mm – 3,0 mm and 3,5 mm.


Code  Tube diameter Packaging
15.01.25 2,5 mm one piece per box
15.01.30 3,0 mm one piece per box
15.01.35 3,5 mm one piece per box



This patented suction concept is available in 2 versions: Standard tubes or Ianus tubes.

Atraumatic Joseph tips

Standard tubes with Atraumatic Joseph tips.

Code  Tube diameter Length Packaging
11.25 C 2,5 mm 1 to 18 cm 60 tubes per box
11.30 C 3,0 mm 1 to 18 cm 60 tubes per box
11.35 C 3,5 mm 1 to 18 cm 60 tubes per box

Cottle tip

Ianus tubes

Ianus tubes with an Atraumatic Joseph tip at one side and a sharpened Cottle tip at the other side. The cutting can be altered from left to right and up and down at any time.

Code  Diameter Length Packaging
12.25 C 2,5 mm 1 to 15 cm 30 tubes per box
12.30 C 3,0 mm 1 to 15 cm 30 tubes per box
12.35 C 3,5 mm 1 to 15 cm 30 tubes per box

The tip on the first edge is a Cottle-type and it is sharpened. It should be used only to work on the under-perichondrial area in the first dethatching phase of the anterior part of the nasal septum, and pre-maxilla. Don’t use the suction tube for the surgery steps after the detachment phase since the sharpened tip can cut the mucosa.

Thanks to the adjustable tube, it’s possible to reach a very short length, allowing the surgeon to operate with an ex-treme precision. This tool greatly easies the early stages of the surgical septoplasty and/or septo-rhinoplasty, when the surgeon has to detach the pericondrium of the caudal septum, the mucosa of the nasal spine and the pre-maxilla to locate the entrance of the lower tunnels (left and right).

To detach the septum mucosa in the left nostril, the tube of the aspirator-detacher should be rotated with the suction side facing the cartilage. To detach septum mucosa in the right nostril, it’s possible to rotate the tube of 180°, with the suction side facing the cartilage. To detach the “magic field” and the entrance to the lower tunnels, the aspi-rator tube can be rotated of 90° with the suction side facing towards the bone surface.

The tip of the second edge is a Joseph atraumatic type, for the detaching of the tunnels, the undercut areas due to nasal septum deviations and to cut or detach the septum cartilage from the vomer and from the perpendicular plate of ethmoid.


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