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Super Elastic Nitinol

No crimping or heating required!  Super Elastic Nitinol stapes prosthesis do not require crimping nor heating. The surgeon can simply open the hook by grabbing the prosthesis by the head with a specially designed micro forceps. The grooves in the jaws of the forceps will cause the hook to open.

The open prostheses can easily be positioned onto the incus. By releasing the prostheses the hook will gently return to its initial shape and close around the incus.


The Super Elastic Nitinol Stapes prosthesis are available with a PTFE stem of Ø 0.4 mm, Ø 0.5 mm, Ø 0.6 mm, Ø 0.8 mm.

The prosthesis can easily be trimmed to the precise lenght with the help of device SPL 03.06 (picture) in a range of 7,0mm to 4,25 mm. However these prosthesis can also be obtained in fixed lengths.

Trimmable Super Elastic Nitinol Stapes prosthesis:

PTFE stem Ø 0.4 mm, order code SPL 03.43S
PTFE stem Ø 0.5 mm, order code SPL 03.44S
PTFE stem Ø 0.6 mm, order code SPL 03.45S
PTFE stem Ø 0.8 mm. order code SPL 03.46S
Trimmable in a range of 7,0mm to 4,25 mm.

Super Elastic Nitinol Documentation


1. Stapes Surgery & Forceps Animation
(mp4; 00:52; 7,6 MB)


2. Stapes Surgery Gently Closing
(mp4; 00:25; 3,7 MB)


3. Stapes Surgery Trimmed & Gently Closing.mp4
(mp4; 00:55; 7,2 MB)


4. Stapes surgery
(mp4; 00:49; 7,2 MB)


5. Stapes surgery.mp4
(mp4; 03:19; 26,6 MB)


6. Stapes surgery.mp4
(mp4; 00:43; 5,6 MB)

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