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External nasal splint SupraTip

  • Self-adhesive antidecubit bonding system for rhinoplasty / model ST
  • Painted self-adhesive aluminium splints with antidecubit element
  • Central adjustable flap for supratip effect

The splint in light alloy provides a selective pressure on the bone, creating a narrow nasal dorsum and a variable pressure on the cartilage vault since the sides of the splint can be opened/closed to regulate the pressure on the valve.
The central flap can be regulated downward to increase the pressure on the supratip, to avoid edemas and to emphasize the projection of the nasal tip. If needed, the central flap can be shortened with scissors.

Package of 10x aluminium Audiosplint plus 10x Antidecubit soft element

Code Description
R 19.04 S-P ST Small
R 19.05 M-P ST Medium
R 19.06 S-P ST Large

Audiosplit Documentation

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