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TAP 07.67

No cartilage interposition needed. The head of the prosthesis can be placed directly against the eardrum thanks to the unique patented porous hydroxy-apatite AUDIOLITE®.

Excellent stability. The process of osteoconduction provides an instant bonding to the eardrum. Can simply be extended and compressed several times to set the perfect length.

Head of the prosthesis can be bent in an angle.
No need to keep stock of different lengths.
No need for special surgical instruments.

Porous Hydroxyapatite Audiolite®

Audiolite® porous hydroxyapatite consists of pores with an average diameter of 200 microns across. The open cell structure is characterized by strenght and lightness. After the surgery the prosthesis will bond to the eardrum within days because of the process of osteoconduction. It will integrate with connective tissue, bone tissue and blood vessels which will provide stability. Because of bioactive fixation the bonding will further strengthen in the following months.

Audiolite®: bioactive calcium hydroxylapatite ceramic is derived from marine corals. The organic materials have been removed and the coraline material is converted to hydroxyapatite by a hydrothermal exchange reaction. However the porous structure remains intact. Further heating turns this material into anti-resordable Audiolite® porous hydroxyapatite.


Productieproces van AUDIOLITE®, Poreus hydroxyapatite

Normaal hydroxyapatite.
(10µ (micron) is 0.01 mm)

AUDIOLITE®, Poreus hydroxyapatite.

TAP 07.67 Documentation


1. Surgery Total Porous HA
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2. Surgery Total Porous HA
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3. Surgery Total Porous HA
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4. Surgery Total Porous HA
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