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Valvular Splint

Internal Nasal-valvular splint for septoplasty and functional rhinoplasty

  • Nasal-valvular splints in polypropylene.
  • Anatomic shape that can be to fitt as required.
  • Keeps the valve open to grant an excellent post-surgery functional result
  • Prevents recurring of septum deviation.
  • Patented

The septal splints are made of polypropylene, a bio-inert material which can remain in nasal cavities for the whole patient’s convalescence without causing any problem. The device impairs the nasal septum to be deviated because of the elastic memory of the tissues, thus granting an excellent result, both aesthetically and functionally. The device also prevents the risk of valvular stenosis.

Package of 10 pair of Internal Nasal-valvular splints

Code Description Side A (mm) Side B (mm)
FB 45/60 S Small 24 50
FB 50/65 M Medium 26 52
FB 55/70 L Large 28 55
FB 65/85 LL Extra large 33 73

Valvular Splint Documentation


Internal Splint Tutorial
(mp4; 04:48, 23 MB)


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